Since releasing this article, I have had many people in the comments section regarding the subject of the dating preferences of individuals. Most of these comments I've hidden but regardless they continue to pour in. So for those of you who haven't quite understood my piece the first time around, I'd like to clarify it's topic.

Despite what is seen on first glance, my piece is not about dating preferences, it's about how dating preferences are used to uphold oppressive structures and perpetuate misogynoir against black women. So to @RobBlock I will not remove white supremacy out of the subtitle. My piece is not about how black men fail to 'love' black women, it's about how black men use their privilege and wield white supremacist patriarchy in oppressive ways against black women.

To @CJ or anyone else who is having a hard time connecting the dots, you're right. It doesn't matter what 50 Cent prefers or who is the most desirable. It matters that they are using their preferences to continue to uphold white supremacist beauty standards while perpetuating racist sexist stereotypes against black women. It's about how these men and many other black men use their dating preferences to justify their desire to uphold a racist sexist standard of beauty that places white women at the top and black women at the bottom.

If all you can do when you read my piece is think about yourself and your dating preferences then you need to decenter yourself and read my piece again. If all you can do is get defensive when you read my piece and feel like it is a personal attack, then I suggest that you look within yourself and ask yourself why that is, for you may be part of the problem.

When you read my piece, I'm not asking for black men- or anyone else- to love or date black women. I'm asking for those who have power and privilege in this society to stop wielding it in ways that hurt black women. If you are someone who believes that black lives truly do matter, than stop weaponizing your dating preferences against those black lives. Whether this is in rap music or in the dating world.

I hope this clears everything up.

“Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender.” I come with truth because I care more about the world than I should.

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