Since misogyny is definitely part of this conflict I think it can. In the black community black women are often times subject to scrutiny regarding everything (especially our sexualities, naturally) and also Kamala Harris has a bad reputation with her past as a prosecutor and was part of the whole 'tough on crime' agenda which had a very bad impact on black men (and less discussed black women). Additionally there are a lot of black men who are very invested in patriarchy and male chauvinism and that impacts the way they interact with black women as they see those interacts as opportunities to dominate and control rather than to interact on equal standing. Of course not all black men are like this and men who are invested in patriarchy can be from any race.

But Harris being a black woman who has a bad history as a prosecutor who also married a white man and had no biological children (last I heard) carries a lot of strikes against her in the eyes of pro black men. But honestly I think people (mostly democrats) need to fall in line and stop worrying about falling in love. Yes, the democratic ticket isn't looking too appealing this year but if I've noticed anything in politics it's that most of the time you aren't deciding based on who you like the most, you're deciding based on who you dislike the least. So black men are going to have to sit with themselves and decide which ticket is going to benefit them the most, or in this case, cause them the least harm.

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“Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender.” I come with truth because I care more about the world than I should.

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