My gold digger comment isn't talking about black women's dating preferences. It's meant to point out society's view on our dating preferences. In the Black community, black women are encourage to 'lift a brotha up' and struggle alongside their partners and 'hold a man down.' But at the same time, black women are deemed undesirable by these same men because black women follow their word of advice to struggle alongside their romantic partners. It turns out being associated with someone from a demographic known to struggle isn't really their forte.

But also black women who choose not to struggle and pick a man with good social and economic standing we're seen as gold diggers and scolded for our lack of interest in 'holding a man down.'

In short my gold digger comment wasn't to display the dating preferences of black women but to show that regardless of the dating preferences we do have, we can't win.

“Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender.” I come with truth because I care more about the world than I should.

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