First of. all I’d like to apologize for getting back to you so late. Second of all, this article is NOT about getting black men to date black women. You’d know this if you read to the end. Third of all, before and after I wrote this article I was very much aware of the fact that many nonblack men hold these same biases against black women, just because I wrote this article specifically talking about black men doesn’t mean I didn’t know this. I wrote this article to address the anti blackness and misogyny that is inherent in many black men’s dating preferences (and attitudes against black women in general) because this isn’t something that is discussed in the black community. Black women know about the racism and misogyny that many non black men hold against them but they’re completely oblivious to the same attitudes that black men hold. This has created a blindspot for black women that is so bad that if a white man spewed anti black misogyny against black women he’d be labeled as a racist bigot. But if a black man did the exact same thing, he’d be seen as speaking truth to power because he’s giving constructive criticism about how black women can better themselves for black men.

Again I would never write an article pressuring black men to date black women and I never have. I’m perfectly aware of the contempt and apathy many black men have towards black women. Why would I want a black woman to be in a relationship with a man who doesn’t have an ounce of respect for who she is? Why would I want a black woman to be in a relationship with a man who who’d rather be in a relationship with another race of woman? Why would I want that for us? This is part of the reason why I see black men interracial dating as a blessing for black women, not a curse.

Fourth of all, I absolutely agree that black women should expand their options. Black women currently outnumber black men in the US by 2 million. There just isn’t enough to go around and many us want to be wives and mothers. I agree with the fact that it would be in the black woman’s BEST INTEREST to stop putting her life on hold for her black Prince Charming and accept the fact that not all of us will be able to obtain one. At least not one of high caliber.

Thanks for reading my work and again I apologize for getting back to you so late.

“Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender.” I come with truth because I care more about the world than I should.

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